Today i wanna tell a story. A story about family.

With the sea at his toes and an inquisitive and adventuring mind the Azorean people always have been a humble and hardworking people. The lack of opportunities, and the weak economy have led many to leave their homes, in search of better conditions for their families.
Thank God that those times of great difficulty have passed, and it is now possible to live with quality in the Azores.
All Azoreans that reside in these
enchanted islands know someone who has emigrated. This year i had the great privilege to meet a family whose breadwinner had left their homeland for 40 years.
With only 8 years of life, Simon accompanied his parents and brothers and settled in the US. After all these years, and now with a beautiful and charming family, he decided to visit the cradle which saw him leave.
Here are some photos taken with my phone from the visit of this family that much delights me.


I love you. See you soon.