Goretti + John


Grab a tissue because this 50th anniversary session will have you weeping.
Oh bless their hearts... this might just be THE most adorable and inspiring shoot I've featured on my Blog! This is the story of long and happy love - 50 years long to be precise! Can you imagine? Something to strive towards that's for sure!

Goretti and John are from the Azores, from different islands and met in the USA, many years ago. Love sparked and they got married. With love and support they overcame the difficulties, and they built a beautiful family, creating a lifetime of happy moments to celebrate. On their 50th anniversary they kept it simple and visited this little Paradise in the middle of the Atlantic north, named Azores- the sea at sunset.

Our session took place a few meters from their home. The ocean, amazing light and mini picnic right outside the Church were the perfect Ingredients for this session. A perfect sunset in a perfect place for this special couple.

Words are not needed here. If only we could all experience such pure longlasting love. Thank you Goretti and John, for your trust in my work and for your beautiful friendship.

Interesting fact: Goretti is an artist. Painting is her passion. I am privileged to see one of my photos painted by this excellent artista (image on the end of the post).


Following are some images of the session, hope you like them.

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My photo by Goretti's paint brush: