Nelson & Paco

There are a lot of beautiful things that I saw during my vacations that I spent with Nelson and Paco in San Francisco. I had the oportunity to visit amazing locations and try magical foods.

San Francisco is a mosaic of colorful, distinctive neighborhoods, and it's a city of trend-setting high fashion and famous postcard views. Culture and gastronomic places are at every corner.

Inspired by the romantic breeze of a lovely city, I had the opportunity to make a mini session with Nelson and Paco. They are two amazing persons. Every moment with them is a story. Nelson is funny, friendly and full of ideals. Paco despite of being a very private person, can captivate with his kindness and affection.
The warm colors of late summer, a
view of San Francisco during a majestic sunset, and a relaxed environment, marked this mini session.
Thank you Nelson and Paco for welcomed me into your home and all the support I received during my stay.
I love you guys.
I leave some of the photos from our session. I hope you enjoy them